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Theophilos Project
Theophilos Project

In the context of the Erasmus+ program “The school opens its doors to museums and digital technology” coordinated by I.K.Y. (Greek State Scholarships Foundation) the second grade pupils of Pamfila Primary School have done cross-curricular lesson plans with the subject: museums and archaeological sites. One of this lesson plans is : “ The Second Grade and Theophilos (the folklore Painter)”



The 21 pupils of second grade meet and ‘relive’ the life of Theophilos through his works, his biography, his travels and the hardships he went through! The passion and love of the art overcomes the difficulties. The lesson plan lasted 5 hours, not including the visit to the museum and the presentation.


1. The pupils observed the paintings by Theophilos in the main hall of the school and in their books realizing that he lived in a nearby village.
2. Introducing the folklore painter, his works, with a power point presentation, the internet and a worksheet.
3. Ideas for activities from the programme “At the steps of the art of Theophilos”. We wrote titles for his works, discovered his topics and compared paintings with the same theme.
4. We visited the Theophilos Museum and Museum- Library of Stratis Eleftheriadis- Teriade, who discovered Theophilos and saw art techniques and modern art.
5. We played “Painting Hunt” with our postcards of Theophilos’ paintings.
6. We created and solved “Theophilos Crossword”
7. We painted Theophilos’ works from the Bakery of Mesagros village, as well.
8. We exhibited our artworks and presented the lesson plan at the presentation of the whole programme and the pupils of the school solved our crossword.



  • Museum education and the realization of the life of a painter.


  • 1. To meet folklore painting and the folklore painter, Theophilos
  • 2. To create and solve a crossword
  • 3. To comprehend a text

færdigheder Erhvervet

  • 1. Skill of comparing artworks
  • 2. Skills of organizing and presenting project
  • 3. Appreciation of every form of art


  • 1. Ability to cooperate with classmates
  • 2. Development of cross-curricular concepts: change, space, time, similarity-difference, culture,…



In class we watched, read, observed, solved, worked in the worksheet.
In the Theophilos Museum we saw, admired, compared, played.
In Teriade Museum we saw many kinds of art.
At school we painted, exhibited and presented our artworks and our project.