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the importance of healty food
the importance of healty food

We are what we eat!!

Food is very important because good food heals us and bad food poisons us.




1. Different kinds of fruits and vegetables in different seasons

2. Different meals and different food


1. Think of vegetables and fruits we eat in different months of the year and try to add 3 more to each of them.



2. Paint the following picture with suitable colours for each item. Then check your paintings with the link.


3. Read the following text and answer the question.


“Eating in season” is a popular phrase which literally means eating whatever fruits and vegetables are fresh and well, in season in your part of the world. Unfortunately simply buying organic fruit and veg will not help you decide what is from your area and therefore in season because in the past up to 70% of such items were actually imported from other countries where the different climates mean that different things are fresh and available at different times. Not only does shipping these items around the world create more pollution, but it also means that more packaging is needed to wrap and secure these items and ultimately that by the time they reach your table the taste and nutrients in them could be quite less than you would like. Rather than taking for granted that you can now have strawberries in the winter and pumpkins in the spring, why not try out eating in season to see exactly how well the Earth provides for you?"



Why should we eat everything in season?



4. Go shopping with your parents and choose 3 kinds of food for each season. Compare them with your mates.


5. Try games below.....enjoy yourself!!!!!




Learning Objectives

Learning outcomes

  • Know seasonal vegatables and fruits.
  • Know different food for different meals.
  • Know bad food and healty food.

Knowledge acquired

  • He/she knows seasonal vegatables and fruits.
  • He/she knows different food for different meals.
  • He/she knows bad food and healty food.

Skills acquired

  • He/she is aware that different vegetables and fruits are produced in different seasons.
  • He/she is aware that food can be healty or harmful for human beings

Competences acquired

  • He/she can discuss about seasonal vegatables and fruits.
  • He/she can cooperate with schoolmates.



The children can understand the importance of eating healty food in season.