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Municipal Museum of the Kalavrita Holocaust
Municipal Museum of the Kalavrita Holocaust

      In this symbolic building the inhabitants experienced and suffered the brutality of the Nazi.  After gathering there the families were devided, the men over 14 were taken away and women and children were encaged nh the school.

      Preparation for our 14 year old students, who are going to visit the museum:

We remind them about the Second World War (dates, taking parts, results) and inform them about the Holocaust (Jewish people).


      We divide our 30 students in 3 groups. They have to present to the rest of the class how was the life of the inhabitants of Kalavrita before the destruction, what happened to the inhabitants by Nazis and how was life afterwards.


      The students look around the exhibition, they read the texts/photos, they ask questions to the guides of the museum, they listen to the oral testemonies. They write down notes and then one studend of each group makes the presentation to the others.

Learning Objectives

Learning outcomes

  • Emotional involvement to a historical fact
  • Local history

Knowledge acquired

  • Crimes about the Second World War
  • Crime commited in this greek town

Skills acquired

  • Critical thinking
  • Presentation skills

Competences acquired

  • Ability to work in groups
  • Evaluation of the past and the present



      After going back to school we ask our students what they have taken with them from the visit (feelings, smells, pictures, ideas)