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Mediterranean Diet - What is it?
Mediterranean Diet - What is it?

The greek diet is mainly based on the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetable, particularly tomatoes, cucumber, olives, mandarines, lemons, green salads and olive oil. In this exercise you will learn about the Mediterranean diet, its health benefits and how it compares with other diets. 


Why is the Mediterranean healthy?
Why is the Mediterranean healthy?

  • Research the key components (ingredients) of the mediterranean diet, and identify the role of olive oil. Is it important to this diet? 
  • Why is this diet healthy? What are the health benefits?


  1. Go the the following website and read about the Mediterranean diet. 
    1. What are the key ingredients? How is the food prepared?
  2. What are the key elements of the Mediterranean diet?
  3. Why is this diet healthy? What are the health benefits? 
  4. Find three recepies that are representative of the typcial Mediterranean diet. Here is one example! Find others

Learning Objectives

Learning outcomes

  • Know the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

Knowledge acquired

  • He/she knows the key ingredients of the Mediterranean diet
  • He/she knows the health benefits of a healthy diet

Skills acquired

  • He/she is aware of the importance of healthy eating

Competences acquired

  • He/she is able to choose healthy foods
  • He/she is able to cooperate with other classmates



To fulfil the learning objetives, students should be able to do the following

  1. List and identify some mediteranian foods.
  2. Describe recipies which use these healthy ingredients.
  3. Explain the health benefits of these ingredients.