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Greek salad
Greek salad

Like in a lot of little islands Lesvos have to put is attractive strength in evidence in a globalisation world.

locals producers seems to be a part of this . Obviously they can't do anything without others helps.

We are going to see how kind of products are used and witch are the involved and the impact on the local economy


Can we survive products only from Lesvos?
Can we survive products only from Lesvos?

Try to found different type of products and factory typical of Lesvos.

How do they do to sell the products.

Give examples about the steps  from producer to consumer.

Find out if the local food is ecological.

Try to use only local food for one week.


1. Give examples of different local products on earth. 

2.  Give examples of different local seafood products. 

3. Give some locals recipes from this products.

4. Why olives trees are so important on the island? Give different uses of them.

5. What is the silver part of lesvos? Why? What is the name off the other part and why?

Learning Objectives

Learning outcomes

  • Know the importance of local products and producers of Lesvos

Knowledge acquired

  • Know different locals products of lesvos
  • Know the importance of consume the local food
  • Know the importance of olive trees

Skills acquired

  • Be aware of consuming local food
  • Be aware of the importance of the little local farmers

Competences acquired

  • Be able to recognise and choose local food
  • Be able to discuss the imported products
  • Be able to stay in contact with local farmers



Ok! You are now a real Lesvos’s active citizen. Follow the right road and don‘t forget your self strengths. Don‘t see too big start closer!